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How to Keep an Eye on Your Girlfriend WhatsApp- Whatsapp monitor- Like other Android apps, WhatsApp also has a beta program where users can test and comment on future features before the general public has access to them. You can get faster access to the newest features and updates by signing up for the WhatsApp beta program, but there might be some glitches.

Examine the WhatsApp of Your Girlfriend

The much awaited feature of multi-device support was just added by WhatsApp to a limited beta user base. This post is ideal for you if you can’t wait to show off the most recent edition to your buddies.

How then can one sign up for WhatsApp’s beta program? Note that there is a cap on the number of beta tester positions, so not everyone is eligible to participate. Periodically, the seats fill up, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to join the WhatsApp beta test program.

How to sign up for WhatsApp beta is as described below:

Regarding iPhone devices:

  1. Press on Connected Devices.
  2. There will be an announcement about the unique feature. Press “OK.”
  3. Choose “Multi-device Beta.”

Features you will be able to use here:

  • The option to stop and start recording voice messages.
  • Launch of the HD Photos function, which enables users to exchange excellent photos.
    New privacy options are available, like the “My Contact Except” function that lets you select contacts who cannot see your display image.
  • Extended duration for the “Delete for Everyone” function, permitting beta testers to expunge texts in a single hour.

Restrictions on using WhatsApp:

Using the WhatsApp beta comes with several restrictions, such as;

  • Unable to use multiple phones on the same account at once.
  • Devices that are linked cannot view your live location.
  • Restricted group invite and companion device changing functionality.
  • Unable to interact with users of earlier WhatsApp versions.

Finally, the WhatsApp beta gives user access to the most recent Android and iPhone beta versions of the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps. The multiple-device WhatsApp beta is anticipated to be accessible globally, even though the beta version might be accessible in some nations.

With WhatsApp, staying in touch with people across the globe has never been easier in this digital age. Because it places a high priority on user security, millions of people choose this well-known and reliable software worldwide. It’s imperative that you monitor your children’s internet activity as a responsible parent, particularly if they are using social media excessively and putting their schoolwork on the back burner. We will examine WhatsApp’s Last Seen Applications, which let you keep an eye on your loved ones’ whereabouts and keep tabs on their online activities, in order to remedy this.

Last Seen on WhatsApp:


One dependable solution that alerts you as soon as someone logs onto WhatsApp is WaStat. It offers easy-to-use visual displays of online intervals that resemble clocks without jeopardizing the security of individual WhatsApp accounts. You may easily keep track of your contacts’ last saw online status by using this app. To receive notifications when someone you want to keep an eye on is online, just download WaStat from the Google Play store, launch it, and enter both your login and the person you want to keep an eye on.

Notify Online – Last Seen:

Another great software for finding people you haven’t seen online is Notify Online. It gives you thorough insights into the details of the chosen individual and makes it possible for you to keep an efficient eye on your child’s actions. It’s crucial to make sure kids balance their education with social media use, considering how much time they spend on these platforms. You may get regular updates on someone’s online status by downloading Notify Online on your Android device and entering their contact number. Additionally, when the chosen contact logs off, this app notifies you.

Wis Online Last Seen:

With Wis, you may explore a person’s most recent visible details in greater detail, learning important details about their online persona. This program, which was created by Innovex and works with Android 4.1 and higher, is quite helpful for keeping an eye on your kids’ internet activity. I suggest getting Wis from the Google Play Store to protect your family’s safety and wellbeing, especially your kids. With the help of this software, you can efficiently monitor your children’s actions and safeguard their future by staying informed anytime they use the internet or go offline.

W: Last Seen:

W is a feature-rich application that lets you view your contacts’ most recent activity. Through the Google Play store, you can download and install this software to effortlessly keep an eye on your loved ones’—including your closest friends—online activities. You just need to type in the name of the person you want to keep an eye on, and W-look will let you know when they log off of social media or go online.

W Last Seen:

This feature-rich software lets you view your contacts’ most recent activity. Through the Google Play store, you can download and install this software to effortlessly keep an eye on your loved ones’—including your closest friends—online activities. You just need to type in the name of the person you want to keep an eye on, and W-look will let you know when they log off of social media or go online.

Watz Usage:

Watz Usage is a great option if you’re looking for the greatest WhatsApp online last seen watching app. With the use of this app, you can efficiently monitor your children’s online presence without having to spend time watching them use social media excessively. If you observe your kids using social media extensively and staying up late, Now is the moment to act. You can quickly check your child’s last seen and online status by installing WatzUsage. Make sure they’re safe and keep a tight eye on their actions.

Millions of WhatsApp users are served by WatzUsage, which makes it easier to find the online times of your favorite contacts. It gives you timely notifications for messages sent and received while the person you’ve chosen is using WhatsApp. Moreover, it shows that they are not online.

How to Check Anyone's WhatsApp

Although the app’s main function is to view notifications, you can also keep an eye on WhatsApp activity by looking for particular times. The app also has helpful filters that improve the effectiveness of searches. Filters make for efficient monitoring, whether you want to keep an eye on things during the day or at particular periods. This function can assist you as a parent in monitoring your child’s study sessions and making sure they are concentrating on their academic goals rather than being sidetracked.

With its plethora of capabilities, WhatsApp has transformed international communication and has become an essential part of our lives. Here are some pointers and suggestions to get you started with WhatsApp if you’re new to it and want to make the most of it.

By Beatrice Manuel:

There are more than two billion active users of the popular mobile messaging software WhatsApp each month. The program is well-liked by users since it makes free chat, audio and video calls, and photo and video sharing possible. But a lot of features can be daunting, especially for first-time users.

Our team of specialists has put together a collection of tried-and-true tips and methods to help you use WhatsApp efficiently.

Important lessons learned

Numerous options that WhatsApp offers might improve your messaging experience.
It is especially helpful for group communication because it lets smartphone users communicate without having to pay for SMS messages.

By storing the contact number of any WhatsApp user, you can make free audio and video calls to them.

Let’s examine the top 26 WhatsApp hacks and techniques that you may use immediately.

Send Disappearing Messages:

Make use of the option that allows communications to vanish automatically after a predetermined amount of time. This guarantees that you won’t be unaware of the saving or forwarding of your communications. Select from 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days for the message expiration duration. To enable this functionality for particular discussions, just follow these easy instructions.

Utilize the disappearing messages feature to automatically delete messages after a certain time. This ensures your messages are not saved or forwarded without your knowledge. Choose between message expiration periods of 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Enable this feature for specific conversations by following a few simple steps.

Place Video or Audio Calls:

Use the well-liked audio and video call features of WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends. Start one-on-one or group conversations with a maximum of thirty-two people. Just select the audio or video call option when you open the contact or group chat.

Personalize the Chat Wallpaper:

Change the wallpaper in your WhatsApp conversations to add personality. Change the background image for every chat or assign different backgrounds to certain contacts. To fit your tastes, you may also select wallpapers in either light or dark mode.

Modify Your Privacy Preferences:

You may restrict what information is shown to others by updating your privacy settings. Personalize features including read receipts, availability of profile photos, group invitation permissions, and “last seen” status. You can keep your WhatsApp account private and under control by doing this.

Track Data and Storage Utilization:

Monitor your data usage and control how much storage you use with WhatsApp. To see comprehensive details on your network usage and media storage, go to the storage and data settings. To maximize data use, change the auto-download parameters and media upload quality.

Eliminate Superfluous WhatsApp Media:

You can selectively remove WhatsApp media files from your phone’s storage without uninstalling the program if it’s taking up too much space. The gallery or file management apps on your phone can be used to find and delete unwanted WhatsApp photos and videos.

Turn Off Auto-Download Media:

Stop WhatsApp from automatically saving media files to your phone, including pictures and videos. This can lessen data usage and help preserve storage space. Adjust the media auto-download settings to suit your tastes and

Important Messages Should Be Bookmarked:

To quickly find and bookmark key messages in your chats, use the star icon. To designate a message or messages as essential, long-press them individually or in groups, and then tap the star icon. These starred messages are accessible to you later on in the chat for easy access.

Messages for Everyone (or Just Yourself) Can Be Deleted:

Delete texts from your WhatsApp conversations for yourself or for all parties involved. Use this function to have sent messages deleted one hour after they were sent. This can be useful for fixing errors or taking back inadvertent communications.

Look Up Your Conversation History:

Use the search function to quickly locate particular messages or media in your WhatsApp chat history. Type in pertinent terms or phrases to look for particular discussions or

Respond to Specific Messages in Group Conversations:

Respond to individual messages in group chats to make sure that discussions are understood. To select the reply option, long-press the selected message. This keeps the group chat in context by enabling you to reply to a specific topic straight away.

Use Google Assistant on WhatsApp:

You may use Google Assistant to send messages on WhatsApp hands-free if you have it installed on your Android handset. Just say, “Send a message to [contact name],” activate Google Assistant, and select WhatsApp as the messaging app. Give your message to Google Assistant, and it will take care of the rest.

Make a cloud storage backup of WhatsApp:

Make a cloud backup of your media assets and WhatsApp conversations to ensure the security of your messages.

Turn on two-factor verification:

Adding two-factor authentication to your WhatsApp account can improve its security. This increases security by requiring a six-digit PIN in order to access your account. To protect your communications, enable two-factor authentication in your account settings.


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